Friday, April 10, 2009

So some of my fellow Etsy Trolls met up this past weekend to check out the Ann Arbor Artisan market and to have lunch. It was fun and it was great to beable to put a face with some of the names... and the market looks promising... it was cold that day and it was opening day so things seemed a bit slow but I have heard from alot of locals that I know in Ann Arbor that it is a good sell venue and is worth trying out... so I may be giving it a shot as soon as get my license taken care of and get the market application taken care of and submitted. So hopefully I will have everything settled up and ready to go by the beginning of May.
On a another note I have been trying to find some craft shows around this area so that I can start getting my work out there... I have been enjoying the new line that I have been busy making (jewelry pendants... and have started to create magnets too) and between that and painting I have been staying very busy.
I wish I could spend a full 24 hours a day uninterrupted just creating... but I doubt my family would approve.
Well I am watching the Detroit Tigers home opener so .... GO TIGERS!!!!
More to come!