Saturday, December 27, 2008

Creating and envisioning

Well Christmas has come and gone and for the last couple of months or so I have been very busy just the same as millions of other people in the world. I have decided recently to get back to my paints, canvases and pencils. I have been hard at work painting all the wonders that are in my heart and head. I have been trying to put down things that are a bit unique or different without being over the top... hopefully I am succeeding at that. I have been rather happy with the majority of my paintings and so far I think that they are definitely pieces that will appeal to others. I would love it if I can get back into it full time... when I am not busy with my kids or my family. I find myself laying in bed exhausted and still wanting to get up and head to my studio to paint... so many wonderful ideas and visions float around and I am so afraid that I will not remember them if I wait... so I find myself with 4 and 5 paintings going on all at once plus 10 or 12 pieces going in my sketch pad. Well as I have said before... I am itching to paint so I guess I had better get to it.... so that I can list them as soon as possible with the ones that are already done... I do enjoy putting them in my store at
I have found that everyone there is so talented and gifted and so enjoyable to talk too... can't wait to put some new paintings up..