Friday, January 30, 2009

2 weeks... what was I thinking?

ok.. ok.. I know its been awhile since I have posted... something like 2 weeks or so, wow... I am in slacking mode again I guess.
So I have been reaching into every part of my insanely uncreative mind (might be slightly exaggerated) trying to come up with as many painting ideas as possible... I probably just try to think of to many at one time... they all start to run together and then before I can get to my sketch pad... I start to loose clarification as to which idea was what... they are now all in one painting and are a crazy mess. Ugh!!!
So I slowed down a bit... just kind of taking my time and just doing a painting here and there to put up in my shop at Etsy. I have been taking on some other requested pieces... I had 2 through my shop (one was a complete success and she should be receiving it in a day or two.. the other, just continue her convo's with me... bummer!) and 2 for family members.... OH YEAH and the best of all... I got asked to do a donated piece for a silent auction for a benefit... that was so great (been working on it today... currently waiting for my background to dry so I can start in on the focals.)
So all in all its been fairly productive with those requests and I added ACEO cards to my shop... I forgot how small equals more challenging... but alot more intesity and fun. hehehe
Of course there is all the promoting that I do... and obviously blogging is not my strong spot (trying to improve tho!) I think some days that promoting is exhausting... and it seems the rest of the world kind of gets away from you when your trying to promote your tail off where ever you can and more... luckily both of my kids have been preoccupied with boyfriends so they don't miss me nearly as much as I miss them sometimes... but it also gets me away from the typical teenage sister drama. hehehe
So anywho... well I guess I should get back to... uhhhh... alot of things until I can get back to painting the rest of the silent auction piece... have 2 days left to finish it so I need to get really busy!

So swear I am going to commit to my blog!